Day 7 & 8 ~ Birthday Month

Day 7 & 8 Although I am teaching health and have many programs on the go, I have come to a crossroads last month. I realized what I was actually being called to do, was to simplify. My soul was craving an even deeper connection to my boys, my husband and creating our dream lifestyle.  This month is all about that, as I work on my new programs and website and still teaching classes I am taking time for my men. 

My Challenge to you is -> Take time off and shut everything down and enjoy your HERE AND NOW.  What I know for sure is, there is no point of working your tail off for your dream life and missing most of it (your life) along the journey. 



Birthday Month - Day 6

Day 6 Crazy night over in my house.  Today is one of my best friends birthday and back in the day it was an all nigher to celebrate, but tonight I am hours away.  I have a heart monitor hooked up for my yearly heart check up and all the boys even my hubby are in bed by 8pm.

This is my cue, I am going to put on a podcast and snuggle into bed.  Between 11pm and 1am our body is working to help rid the toxins from the day so its important to get your zzZZZZs.  Plus sleep helps balance your hormones, your moods and your over all health. 

So goodnight my peeps and goodnight and happy birthday Denyel   Eiffel Tower 2007

2007 Pairs Baby

My Challenge to you is -> GO TO BED BEFORE 10PM ... okay maybe some of you have a life on a Friday but most days GET TO BED!!

Miss Day 5?

Birthday Month - Day 5

Day 5 I am a day late with day 5 because it was a super busy day PLUS I sat down after the kids went to bed and wrote and wrote and wrote.  I am rewriting my Home, ABOUT, Juggle, Essential Oils page and more for my new website so I felt the flow and didn't want to stop.

When you feel that pull, that creative energy coming through embrace it and go with it, some of your best work will be done within these times.

My Challenge to you is this -> Pick up Elizabeth Gilbert's new book BIG MAGIC!!

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Birthday Month - Day 4

Day 4 This is a much deeper topic then I am going to write about here but I have personally been on a journey for years and especially the past few months.  I was craving something, I needed something to changed, my biz and website needed a revamp (coming soon) and I needed more time with my family.  Just today JUST TODAY!!  Everything I have been seeking and trying to figured out has come to light.  It's not perfect or finalized but I now know exactly where I want to take my business + family life.  It feels so good to have a plan, to have an Oprah ahh haa moment. 

Your challenge today is this -> Write down what a day in your ideal life would look like in 2 years, how do you feel, where do you live, who is in your life?  If you send your thoughts and ideas into the universe and your subconscience, then your core desires will come to you.

Gabrielle Bernstein

Danielle LaPorte

Marie Forleo

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Birthday Month - Day 3

Do you take enough time to relax with a good tea, a book and soak in a bath?  I sure don't, when the kids are in bed I'm working.  I have decided I need more down time, so I grabbing a yummy tea, putting some doTerra Passion essential oil blend in my bath with Epson Salts, grabbing Big Magic from Elizabeth Gilbert and having a peaceful moment.  Challenge for you is, GRAB THE BOOK YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING TO DIVE INTO and YOUR FAVORITE CUP OF NIGHT TIME TEA.  {my youngest started to cry as I was typing he is fighting a cold, wish me luck with this bath}

Day 3

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