Birthday Month ~ Day 1

Birthday MonthAppreciating Health Dots-2 I decided to celebrate ... myself.  Yup you read that correctly.  I have always loved birthday's but let's be honest 35, 36 and now 37 (November 27th) has a little sting to it.  Think about when you were in your late teens and your twenties, 37 was sooo old.  Well now I am almost there, I have two boys, a hubby, a home and a thriving business so I thought, suck it up butter cup let's celebrate ME and teach others to love yourself.   + over the next few months a new website and programs are going to roll out, it's time, it's time for a fresh look and vibe.  Because your Vibe Attracts your Tribe!!

Day 1 Birthday!!

I have been putting a lot on hold because I wasn't ready!  I wasn't the right weight, didn't have an updated kitchen (okay my kitchen is really dreadful), my house wasn't big enough, my website is having graphic & font issues, I can't find the time to do anything because I am a stay at home mom etc....   This is all true but really I was missing out on life, on all the things I have been working for because I didn't have it all.  I forgot this isn't a race, life is a journey and I need to live it NOW.  After my annual heart appointment this pass week it clicked, I am so blessed SO BLESSED and I need to live life, breath, relax and HAVE MORE FUN!!  My hubby and I need dates, we need more adult social events and more time together.  Also I decided to get new professional photos done... this is me now, this is my bod so why not capture it.  My soul hasn't changed, but my views on life have, my body has and I will always be growing and evolving

So my CHALLENGE to you is believe this -> YOU ARE PERFECT and WHOLE as you are RIGHT NOW!  So don't wait to try something new, to get pictures done and to enjoy your life in this moment.  I'd love to hear what you were putting off and what you are going to jump into head 1st right now?


picture of my taken by Soul Photo Junkie

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