Birthday Month - Day 6

Day 6 Crazy night over in my house.  Today is one of my best friends birthday and back in the day it was an all nigher to celebrate, but tonight I am hours away.  I have a heart monitor hooked up for my yearly heart check up and all the boys even my hubby are in bed by 8pm.

This is my cue, I am going to put on a podcast and snuggle into bed.  Between 11pm and 1am our body is working to help rid the toxins from the day so its important to get your zzZZZZs.  Plus sleep helps balance your hormones, your moods and your over all health. 

So goodnight my peeps and goodnight and happy birthday Denyel   Eiffel Tower 2007

2007 Pairs Baby

My Challenge to you is -> GO TO BED BEFORE 10PM ... okay maybe some of you have a life on a Friday but most days GET TO BED!!

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