Eat well Snack Bad!

Oh goodness does that sound like you?  I will let you in on a little secret (for those that don’t know me) I have a pretty well rounded diet but boy do I have a sweet tooth.  Also on top of that I have a slight cheese addiction as my husband will call it.  I heart cheese more then I do chocolate.  I did an elimination diet for 28days a couple of years ago and I felt great and light and the black circles were gone from under my eyes.  But as soon as I got a taste for cheese again I was a goner.  I think I could give up chocolate because there are such great healthy alternatives that if I need something sweet I can turn to them.  Honey, coconut oil, maple syrup, but cheese I don’t know.  I know goat cheese is a better route because it is less fatty, less likely to cause an immune reaction but I can’t do it.  

Never say never I think I am going to post a challenge to myself and see if you cheese addicts can do the same.  This doesn’t apply to those of you that have cheese as a treat, that isn’t so bad but people like me that can’t leave the block of old cheese alone in the fridge until it is done.  I’m talking to YOU!!

So my challenge to myself and you is 2 weeks, we will come back to it December 6th and see how we did and how we felt.  You may be wondering what is the big deal about high HIGH amounts of hard cheese (to narrow it down).

First if you think milk and milk products are the only place you can get calcium then that is incorrect, you can get sources of calcium from sesame seeds, spinach, turnip greens, mustard greens, and collard greens and so on.  The way commercial milk and milk products are processed can be a little yucky and the fat content.  We need fat in our diet but there better sources from fish oil, hemp seeds and flax seeds to name just a few.  For an in-depth look at this, read this article.

So let's begin the 2 week challenge and let me know how you are doing, either on here or e-mail me at  

Good Luck!! 
Question of Week!
What is your comfort food?