Foods For Healing GIVEAWAY!!

That's right folks what a great way to kick start your healing by getting this Foods For Healing online program for free!!  You heard me, Meghan and her team have been so kind to offer one of my readers a FREE online spot ($250 value) in her new online course.  

The contest for this spot opens today and will close November 12th, which is also when a winner will be announced.  So pass this amazing giveaway and healing opportunity to everyone you know, they will thank-you!! 

I have personally taken this course with Meghan a couple of years ago and it was amazing.  You do not have to be in the nutrition field to benefit, in fact those without nutrition background will benefit the most.  

Details about this amazing course are below.

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Remember just one week to get your entries in and anyone can enter so again tell everyone.  

Just one last thing, when registration opens on November 9th, whoever signs up through me will receive 10% of the program.  Sweet Right?  So stay tuned for the discount code.

Foods For Healing Course Details

1 in 5 North Americans suffer from serious digestive distress. Most of our modern health challenges have some level of inflammation involved. I personally, spent years suffering from serious digestive issues until, in 2006, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.
I have heard from so many of you asking what I did, what I ate, how I healed, and then how I worked with my dad to help him kick cancer, and how I have worked with hundreds of clients to get them on their own health train.
I am thrilled to be able to share this information with you!  Foods For Healing is a course I began teaching here in my kitchen to groups of 20 at a time. As the demand grew, I couldn't stretch my kitchen any further and so we have created this unbelievable course.
We had people flying in from across North America to get to this workshop as there is currently nothing like it available.
This course will explain from start to finish the path of disease, how these imbalances can take over in our mind and body and then what you can do about it. The information included empowers you to take ownership over your health, and learn how with certain foods and specific nutrients, you can play an active role in your own healing- or simply in maintaining optimal health.
The course includes:

· Over two hours of lecture style teaching with images, diagrams, and incredibly easy to follow explanations.

· Accompanying handouts of the slides to follow along and take notes.

· Additional documentation offering detailed information on specific healing protocols.

· 8 cooking demonstration videos showing how you can put what I share in the lecture, into practice in your kitchen and in everyday eating.

· A full 7 day meal plan + over 30 recipes.

· A full transition plan to help ease your way into a foods for healing mind set.

· Options to upgrade and get consultations and amazing kitchen equipment.

· Completely secure access to all your course materials.

· Flexibility to watch the videos and download the print materials at your convenience.

· Lifetime access to the course materials.


This course is suitable for:

· Individuals dealing with everyday common/acute conditions like frequent colds/flues, PMS, headaches, low energy, insomnia etc.

· Individuals facing long term, chronic health challenges including inflammatory conditions like arthritis, asthma, IBS and IBD as well as heart disease or cancer.

· Individuals looking to build up their farm based medicine cabinet, looking for natural solutions to common health challenges.

· Natural health practitioners wanting therapeutic foods to play a more powerful role in your patient’s protocols.

· Students or recent graduates of nutrition programs who feel there was a healing foods component missing from the curriculum.

· Yoga teachers, osteopaths, chiropractors, trainers and other physical health experts looking to better support the progress of clients.


The Curriculum

This program literally covers the full spectrum of information including the physical aspects of health and disease, the emotional connection, and how food and lifestyle can play an important role in the healing. Divided into nine modules with a bonus section of “Tools”, the course materials has been broken down in easy to follow parts.
· Module 1: My story and how I healed.

· Module 2: Understanding the root of inflammation, food as medicine.

· Module 3: The role of the digestive system in total health, managing stress and it’s impact

· Module 4: Making the connection with food, conscious eating, assessing common dietary recommendations.

· Module 5: General guidelines for eating for health and healing, the universal approach to health.

· Module 6: Specific therapeutic foods for healing, dietary recommendations for the three stages of healing, specific nutrients for healing.

· Module 7: Lifestyle habits and natural solutions.

· Module 8: Healing beverages, therapeutics foods in practice, cooking demos

· Module 9: Healing meals, therapeutic foods in practice, cooking demos

· Tools: Meal plan, recipes, transition guideline.


Feedback From Past Programs
It is amazing how much nutrition information I absorbed in such little time. It wasn’t until I actually conducted my first workshop that I came to realize just how much of what Meghan taught us really sunk in. There were a few ingredients, processes and theories that Meghan talked about on a number of occasions that did NOT seem too repetitive, but DID build a great foundation of knowledge. She really introduced us to WHY certain foods are so good for us, breaking down the technical reasons in easy to understand ways. Her introduction of new key foods has changed my daily life completely; I eat better (and I already ate well), feel better, and cook better. I find myself regurgitating things Meghan taught me to others ALL THE TIME.
- Meghan Pearson

I just completed this course and it was an outstanding educational experience and completely life changing. 10 stars out of 5!! I highly recommend to those interested in taking their personal nutrition or health business to the next level.
- Sammie Kennedy, Founder/CEO Booty Camp Fitness

I loved the course. It really made me take that extra step in thinking about and preparing my meals and has made my week so much easier. I used to spend hours a day prepping meals but with the tid bits I took away from each module I have begun prepping everything on Sundays. I found the worksheets extremely useful and have printed them all out along with menu plans and put them in a binder. Although I knew a lot of the information already, my boyfriend watched every video with me and I think it helped get him on the same page when it comes to food preparation (which is extremely helpful!).  - Malakai Kirkpatrick