Hunger Strike!

Mommy my gums hurt!

Well I am glad to be writing this on the other side of a 2 week hunger strike by my almost one year old.  Yes my little man broke four molars at once at 10.5 months giving him a total of 12 teeth.  We are such a tired house hold.  Even though he wears an amber necklace and takes homeopathics, they are no match for molars.  The necklace completely helps ward off low grade fevers and most pain, but I know my little man is off.  This leads me to the hunger strike.

I knew his gums were sore, we gave him melon and it came out bloody.  So he would not let us feed him, so finger food it was... full time.  This lead me to interesting ways of feeding him veggies.  After the teeth were through he was Mr. Independent, so he not only wanted finger foods but wanted full control of the spoon.

So I was hiding kale and other greens in smoothies, gluten free breads, bean and chicken burgers etc.  My hubby even baked oats, bananas and raspberries together and made a health oat bar.  Oh ya that was the other thing for a week straight he wanted foods only in bar or burger form.  I juiced a bunch of veggies and an apple and used the pulp and baked it into little bars.  But the biggest thing in this 2 week strike was we introduced organic chicken, turkey and fish.  I packed a chicken burger full of veggies.... ya! 

That being said there was A LOT of wasted food, my floors were a mess, there was food stuck all over my kitchen windows, the cat was even covered.  My son has a good throwing arm and a strong tongue that can throw food as well.  As a nutritionist I was so worried he was not getting enough veggies and too much grain.  I was making gluten free bread as well with coconut oil.  But after many tears and asking my hubby "...why won't he eat, I spent so much time making this for him..." we realized I'm neurotic and babies are NOT going to starve themselves, it is a stage..... relax (Kim).  Just keep offering healthy, nutrient dense foods and everything will work out.