I HEART Pilates!!!


Does it ever feel good to be back doing Pilates.  I started when my son was 8 weeks old but took a 2 month break when I broke my big toe.  I'm doing reformer classes right now... so good I can touch my toes again.  My only issue is with the mirror being 2 feet away.  Every roll and lump is right there for you to see when you are playing twister on the machine.  I'm determine to get back into shape and feel stronger then before baby.

I decided the scale isn't my friend and I'm taking a break from it.  Between lifting my son and working out I'm giving Hulk Hogan a run for his money with my pythons. The beach is that way...  So clearly I'm gaining muscle and we all know that weighs more then fat.

I am also re-learning what is best for me to eat pre and post workout.  Fueling the body is just as important if not more then the workout itself.  Chocolate Milk is not the best.

Also I decided to add a home circuit routine into the mix I can do when the wee one is napping but it includes burpees.  Good Lord I was on my 3rd of 10 and I dropped on my face, so we are working on that bad boy.  

Anyways I thought I would check in, please let me know what your favorite work out is.

Take Care,