It's fun to COME to the Y-M-C-A!

If you have been wondering where I have been hiding it's behind my computer getting ready for a show this Saturday at the YMCA!

YMCA is running an event to raise money for The Strong Kids Campaign.  Specifically getting kids and families assistance for memberships.  Which their health and fitness centers run to help contribute to the demand.  The whole campaign can be donated to at any time which also goes to financial assistance for any program within the Y, child care, youth, newcomer programs, employment, shelters etc.

I am going to be one of only 20 venders, at the Markham, Ontario YMCA.  9am - 5pm

I will have a HYDRATION station, with Hydration 101 info and Coco (coconut) Water to drink for all the people doing sports etc to raise money.

I will have my new program The JuGGLe there to explain it, along with what Appreciating Health is all about. My 1st time presenting the whole program will be live at my next meet and greet on March 6th.

The JuGGLe examines the choices, struggle and tradeoffs between parenthood, social media (digital age), our smart phones, commuting, work, family time, home life and time for you!!

I also have the program for non parents because in this day and age we are always in some sort of stress mode if we don't believe it or not.

So I hope to see you Saturday, I will also have my skin care and lip balm products, glass straws, eye pillows and fancy jar glasses.