Meet and Greet!!

The fabulous Mrs Doctor Karen Beal has been so kind to let me use her office to host a meet and greet.  She has been such a lovely and dear support for me and my vision in helping others feel their best and teach people about health.  I have set up a few things to make this a fun and exciting meet and greet.  I want people to ask me questions and learn about what I do.  I want to explain my programsand try to find a fit for everyone.  It's a new age today (not the end of world).  So let's start this new age healthier, more aware and just plain old happier.  Let's appreciate what we do have and worry less on what we don't.  If you don't have a lot of extra money and really feel you could use my help, talk to me, I'm sure we can find a way.

What else to expect at the meet and greet is samples, samples of mommy friendly (& toddler) smoothies, fresh juice, almond milk and some baby 1st foods.  Also whoever signs up for one of my packageswill be entered into a draw to win a fabulous healthy prize pack. 

Sound fantastic?  So if you are in the Ajax area and/or a client of the fabulous Karen Beal then come on over.  If you can't make it but would like to get on this, then contact me and we can arrange something.

So I hope everyone has a relaxing and healthy Holiday, however you spend it.

In good health,