The Pumpkin Seed -Review & Giveaway.

I am very excited to write this blog post, why you may ask is because I get to introduce you to The Pumpkin Seed.  A fierce eco friendly, natural skin care loving, holistic foodie, mother and wife behind the natural skin line The Pumpkin Seed.  After learning more and more about how toxic our environment is and how many chemicals we are exposed to she – Rebecca decided there are some toxins her family did not have to be subjected too.  In her home she makes her own cleaning products, skin care products, baby wipes, and tries to eat as little processed foods as possible.  This all lead Rebecca to making her fabulous (better then the drug store) natural skincare line, as Rebecca puts it “and they don’t give you cancer”. 

Now a days there are a lot of natural skin lines popping up, made by stay at home moms to big companies.   There is something to be said about this line made by a mother, you can truly feel the love, research and thought behind and in the products. 

I’m not actually sure how I found Rebecca at The Pumpkin Seed but I did contact her about her products through twitter.  From there we started to talk and made a real connection and now I have had the pleasure of trying some of her products and writing a review about them.

I love skincare products, always have and always will; I have tried a lot in my day.  I made the switch to natural skincare, shampoos and deodorant about 5 years ago and have tried everything, every brand and have liked most.  Although with the few products I have tried of Rebecca’s, they have by far been my favorite.  The old saying is (okay not that old) you shouldn’t put anything on your skin the largest organ in your body that you would not eat.  At least 60% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed and The Pumpkin Seed passes the test. My belly, legs, face and armpits have never been happier.

Lavender Deodorant

I’ll just say it now; pit stick has been the hardest for me to completely switch over to 100% natural.  The reasoning behind it is who wants smelly wet pits?  Even knowing all the potential nasty health side effects like Alzheimer’s because of the aluminum or anti-perspirants that clog your pores and stop your body from eliminating toxins, plus the chemicals in them and right by your fatty tissues of the breast and lymph nodes.  Nightmare!  So I took Rebecca’s deodorant and tested it for a week.  I wore it during spin and body pump class and no one looked at me funny.  I was a little wet because it is deodorant but I did not smell.  With other natural deodorant’s I have tried in the past, I was very smelly and wet. I’m so pleased and a bonus I had nice soft armpits and it healed any razor burns.

Facial Cleansing Grains

I cannot say enough about this product; my skin is glowing like a glowworm, I cannot believe it.  This has to be my favorite by far of anything I have ever tried and the smell is so delicious, I almost want to eat it.  It takes off your make-up, leaves your skin sweetly soft and gives you an immediate glow.  The best part is this facial cleanser can be used daily for exfoliating and it isn’t harsh in anyway.  All I have to say is try it!!!

Mamma Cream

All-purpose cream for moms and moms-to-be, it moisturizes, alleviates dry and itchy skin, and helps avoid or reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and scars.  This feels so nice on your skin, especially after you shave; it isn’t greasy and absorbed nicely.  I asked Rebecca about the natural scent and why there was no added fragrance and this is what she told me…smart mamma...

 I don't use essential oils in the mama cream because a lot of essentials are unsafe during pregnancy, and women have a heightened sense of smell when pregnant and often find scented products too nauseating. Citrus essential oils will also cause skin to burn faster in the sun so I don't use those.

Soothing Lavender Lip Balm

Heaven in a little tin. I don’t wear lipstick but I like lip balm and this one is not too sticky or wet and with the alkanet root powder it provides a natural slight deep red tint to lips, my son loved all the moist kisses on his cheeks.  As Rebecca explained the olive oil heals, the lavender essential oil calms your senses (not over powering) and the honey is a natural humectant, keeping your lips hydrated.

 Now for the fun part, we have two products to giveaway, to two lucky readers.  

For the giveaway we are giving away two separate The Pumpkin Seed products, the Lavender Deodorant (a new one, not the one tested) and a Natural Body Butter.  This contest is open to Canadian residents only and closes January 28th, 2013.  You can enter up to 5 times 5 different ways ;

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Hope you enjoy The Pumpkin Seed as much as I do!