I'm so excited to finally be posting my first blog, because this means I have graduated, I have time and I finally know what I want it to be about.  See there are sooo many great blogs out there and soo many great health blogs http://cookpreachlove.blogspot.com/ and websites in that case.  So I can give you recipes and health tips and be on my merry way but that is being done and I am going to be doing that with my sisters from school.  I will announce that blog in a few weeks.  It has taken some time to figure out where I want to go with this.  I decided that being honest about health and about living in this crazy world of ours makes it hard to choose the healthiest choices either food or lifestyle choices.  See after 10 years working shift work and looking for something new I decided to go back to school and when I discovered Holistic Nutrition it all came together.  I was sure after two years of school I was going to be the healthiest person I know.  Even though you know better doesn't mean you do better (all the time), I still have my days.  I just finished the busiest time of my life with working full time, commuting to work and school, going to night school and planning a wedding.  Now that being said and done and I have my energy again I have time to practice what I preach.  I understand being busy and not making the healthiest choices but I hope to show people that there is a way to do it all.  For anyone that knows me, knows that my life is adventure and I have a story even if I just went to the gas station.  So this is my story how one women can help save small farms, our children and our community from boxed and over processed food.  Okay Okay maybe I can't save everyone but I can teach either by example or by leading them in the right direction.   So hold on and lets take this healthy journey together and lets start Appreciating our Health.

Whole Foodie xoxo

"We are not what we know but what we are willing to learn and apply"  unknown.