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Immune Booster Make & Take Workshop

immune booster

Hosted by Oily Educator Carolyn Fiset

It’s that time again! Cold & flu season is fast approaching and it’s time to make sure you’ve got all the tools needed to help keep you & your family healthy this winter!

We all know how germs and viruses get passed so easily in winter so I’ve put together a Make & Take event that will help you & your little ones keep your immune systems strong and germs at bay.

There will be 5 D.I.Y stations to choose from:
-Vapo-Rub Chest Salve (3 strengths available)
-Hand Sanitizing Spray
-Immune Booster Rollerblend (Adult & Child)
-Foaming Hand Soap
-All Purpose Spray Cleaner 

About our Recipes:
-Vapor-Rub Chest Salve 
Ages 2-5 $8, 
Ages 6-9 $10, 
Ages 10-Adult $12
This is one of those recipes you hope to never have to use. But when you need it, you’ll be soooo glad to have it!
When and if the stuffy nose, congestion, coughing, cold, aches, and trouble sleeping come, you’ll be ready.
3 different recipes to give you a natural, safe and effective solution for your entire family. AND without the chemicals, artificial scents or petroleum!

-Hand Sanitizer $2
This mini sanitizer is SAFE, effective and alcohol & triclosan free. 
It's the perfect size for lunch boxes & backpacks. Plus it gives you an immune boost every time you use it!

-Immune Booster Rollerblend 5ml $5 Children's $7 Adult
Cough and cold going around your office or child’s class? Trip to an indoor play park or museum? This is the perfect blend to boost your family’s immune systems & help them stay strong and healthy throughout the year.

-Foaming Hand Soap $7
Gone are the days when we think that a hand soap has to be harsh & chemical ridden to be antibacterial & effective. Kick the triclosan, microbeads, artificial scents & skin drying harsh hand soaps to the curb - This DIY hand soap has everything you need PLUS you can customize the scent!

-All Purpose Spray Cleaner $7
Yup this is that infamous spray cleaner that you hear talked about ALL THE TIME at classes! haha. It's the one & only cleaner I use top to bottom on my house to clean the kitchen, bathrooms, floors & carpets & it's AMAZING! Plus it smells so good your kids might actually ask to clean the bathroom just so they can use it! (True story!)

Choose to make any/all of the recipes to make & take home to start using right away in your home, class or office.