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Women's Health & Hormones Rollerblend Workshop


Hosted by Oily Educator Carolyn Fiset

Hearing everyone talking about Essential Oils lately & wondering what all the hype is about? Join us for a hands-on and fun filled evening, learn how to dodge harmful chemicals and find safe natural solutions for you and your family!

Essential Oils are extremely versatile. We can use them for:
-deeper more restful sleep 
-headache relief 
-clearer more beautiful skin
-reduce symptoms of a cold and cough
-relief from eczema and dermatitis 
-relief of joint or muscle pain 
-ease digestive discomfort
-soothe cuts, scrapes, bruises and burns 
-emotionally to help you feel relaxed and calm your nerves
-in all areas of your home for a non toxic cleaning alternative

Join us as we discuss the dangers of synthetic fragrances, how Essential Oils work, the doTERRA difference and how to easily incorporate Essential Oils into your life. Next we’ll INDULGE in these healing oils and create your own custom blends to take home and try!

For this class we'll be focusing on Women's Health, Stress, Sleep & Hormone Support in particular. Not only will you be able to enjoy your oils for their wonderful therapeutic benefits, you'll be able to wear them as your own signature Pure-fume as well!

6 different recipes to choose from, $7 each, make as many as you wish while supplies last!
The handcrafted rollerball blends are a perfect way for new users to experience the power of essential oils: they are cost efficient, simple to make and easy to apply. Even experienced users will enjoy discovering new blends and applications for familiar oils.

During our workshop the following 5mL blends will be available to make: 
-Calm & Happy 
-Hormone Helper
-Monthly Support
-Liquid Sleep
-Energy Boost
-Belly Blend

-BONUS Blend- "Giggles & Sneezes"