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October Leaves & New Products & Oils

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.
— L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Here are the details on the specials for this month!



🇺🇸 Place a single 200 PV order from the US warehouse in October and receive an exclusive gift of Copaiba Softgels, 15 mL Copaiba, and a 5 mL Yellow Mandarin for free!

🇨🇦 Place a single 200 PV order from the Canadian warehouse in October and receive an exclusive gift of 15ml Copaiba, 15ml Bergamot and 5ml Yellow Mandarin

Customers can qualify for sweet relief up to four times (must be separate orders).

Canadian Warehouse

New to Oils?

Start with the Home Essentials Kit & get your free trio of oils this week.

US Warehouse

New to Oils?

Start with the Home Essentials Kit & get your free trio of oils this week.


The Post Convention Kit is available starting today October 1st from the 🇺🇸 US warehouse!

  • The kit is $255 wholesale with 200 PV! = SWEET RELIEF- 200 PV PROMOTION

  • The Kit CAN be purchased on an LRP order, however, as it is an LTO item there must be an additional item of PV in the template.

  • Limit of 4 kits per account

Kit includes:

  1. Yarrow|POM Body Renewal Serum

  2. Yarrow|POM Cellular Beauty Complex

  3. Peppermint Softgels

  4. Turmeric DuoCaps

  5. doTERRA Touch Tamer digestion blend

  6. Black Spruce 5ml

  7. Lemon Eucalyptus 15ml

  8. Celery Seed 15ml

  9. Citronella 15ml

  10. Adaptiv Capsules

  11. Adaptiv Touch roller bottle

  12. Adaptiv 15ml

• This Kit qualifies you for the Sweet Relief Promotion with a value of over $100 in products FREE

The items from the kit are available separately in both warehouses.
* Yarrow/Pom products will be available in January (or in the kit).
* supplements are available in the USA warehouse, but not in the Canadian warehouse just yet. Internal use products have a longer process to be approved by health Canada.

NEW -The Peppermint emPōWER-mint Club

The Hips Road Apples LP has been the background music for this relaunch so if things sounds sappy and very Canadian you know why. 🦌🍁 She is here!! The new and improved LRP Club has been renamed and revamped!! If you have a wholesale account under The Peppermint Umbrella then head over to The Peppermint emPōWER-mint Club .

You may ask what is this group all about? Well let me tell you doll. An empowering community for The Peppermint Drop Collective wholesale members to dive deep into the healthy dōTERRA lifestyle.

We didn't want our wholesale members to feel pressured to be on LRP -The Loyalty Rewards Program if you aren't ready. We do however want you as a loyal customer and fierce heathy living human get the most out of your doTERRA account. You are not getting just a "LRP" order or a "1X" order, you're getting a custom WELLNESS BOX. You get to choose everything you put in there according to your needs that month and you can get rewarded A LOT for doing so. You are in control and we want to highlight that, you are empōwered to use oils and products what will propel you to a high vibe life.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 2.56.58 PM.png

New eBOOK for wholesale customers ONLY!

For our wholesale customer group we shared a fun eBOOK. Fall of DIY recipes, diffuser blends and an in-depth look at all the new conventions goodies. If you are under the Peppermint Drop Collective umbrella then head over to The Peppermint emPōWER-mint Club and snag your copy.

You and your family deserve to have access to the cleanest and most sustainable oils and products on the planet. Let us show you how!! Fresh new Wellness Box ideas happening over at the The Peppermint emPōWER-mint Club .

What to EXPECT:

  • Monthly Giveaways for LRPers

  • Wellness Box Template suggestions with oil and product education

  • Coming June/July - 3 Month Wellness Program to help you really dive deeper into a over all healthy lifestyle

  • How to LRP efficiently and maximize your wholesale account

October’s LRP monthly giveaway

a 8’ Glass Smoothie Straw + Heart Felt Car Diffsuer. You can enter to win with a 100pv LRP order. Head over to the The Peppermint emPōWER-mint Club if you are a wholesale member under the peppermint drop collective umbrella to enter.


20% off all month

ROMAN CHAMOMILE 5 ML - This month SAVE 20% off Roman Chamomile - the quintessential calming oil for skin, mind and body. Normally $57.75 Canadian Wholesale --> this month, get Roman Chamomile for $46.20!!!

  • Diffuse 4-5 drops to help fight anxiety/depression

  • Diffuse at nighttime or rub on temples for sleep support

  • Take 1-2 drops internally to support a healthy heart

  • Dilute and use topically to fight acne, skin conditions or signs of aging

  • Apply 2-4 drops diluted to the tummy to support healthy digestion and/or leaky gut issues

  • Inhale and/or combine with ginger, peppermint or lavender to help with nausea



CLEMENTINE 15 ML - Place a 125pv LRP order by the 15th and receive a 15ml Clementine oil FREE

  • Sourced from Brazil, Clementine is a hybrid between mandarin and sweet orange

  • It's very high in limonene, which gives it its cleansing and uplifting benefits. It helps to aid in occasional heartburn/indigestion when added to water

  • Use it in your diffuser to uplift the mood and purify the air.


You will be gifted a felt car or a TRIO kit. 416-433-9335 text me.