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The last but most magical month of the year.

This is the time we reflect on the past year and look into how we want to shape the upcoming year. Good health is my wish for you and this month is extra special. The oils offered this month are the king of oils that help with our mind, spiritually and physically. It's a beautiful and magical month.



Earn a FREE 15 mL of Frankincense by placing any single 200 PV orderfrom December 1 through December 31, 2018. Limit of four per account, per household. (Enrollment, LRP, 1x order, even retail). This $118 oil chemical makeup holds significant renewing properties that give it a wide variety of uses. I will hosting a 31 days of FRANK this month in The Peppermint Drop Collective Facebook group.


~ Holiday Joy 5 mL and Snowman Topper ~
Harken back to a simpler time with the traditional holiday scents of Wild Orange, Nutmeg, Pine, Cassia, Cinnamon Bark, and Vanilla. Fill your home with memories as you tantalize your senses with the inviting fragrances of the season, embracing all who gather with the warmth of the holidays. Earn it free with a 125pv LRP order by the 15th of the month.
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10% off all month

Arborvitae 5 mL - Known as the “tree of life” and for its exceptional preserving properties, Arborvitae essential oil acts as a powerful cleansing agent for the skin.

LRP Club

This months giveaway is relaxing. We are giving away a 5ml AROMATOUCH blend. Head over there if you are a wholesale member under the peppermint drop collective umbrella 👉


The first 40 heartbeats that enroll with a wholesale account through me (Kim Ignas) will receive my CELEBRATE (passion, sandalwood) blend. 


You will be gifted a felt car or a TRIO kit. 416-433-9335 text me.

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Enroll as a Wholesale Customer and through that you join our global Collective, The Peppermint Drop Collective! We advocate for living an informed, empowered + holistic life and know that being in a community with like minded people is the key!

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The Kids Collection Kit

Designed with your kid in mind. This kit has 6 blends that are divided into 3 areas; MIND, BODY and HEART

***Each blend is pre-diluted in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil ***

MIND includes the...
1. 'Thinker' (Focus) Blend that includes Vetiver, Peppermint, Clementine and Rosemary oil.
Primary Benefits:
🧠 Instills alertness and focus
🧠 Prevent mental distraction
🧠 Reduces feelings of mental stress
2. 'Calmer'(Restful) Blend that has Lavender, Cananga, Buddha Wood, and Roman Chamomile
Primary Benefits:
🧠Use before bed to calm the mind for a restful sleep
🧠Provides the body with soothing and relaxing feelings
🧠 Promotes a positive stress-free mood

BODY includes the...
3. 'Stronger' (Protective) Blend. Combines Cedarwood, Litsea, Frankincense, and Rose
Primary Benefits:
💪Boosts wellness and vitality
🧘‍♂️Ideal for daily resiliency when you're not feeling your best
‍🧘‍♀️Comforting to skin irritations
4. 'Rescuer' (Soothing) Blend includes Copaiba, Lavender, Spearmint and Zanthoxylum
Primary Benefits:
💪Reduces tension
💪Comforting and soothing to muscles
💪Improves vitality

HEART includes the...
5. Brave (Courage) Blend includes Wild Orange, Amyris, Osmanthus and Cinnamon
Primary Benefits:
❤️Energizing and invigorating to the senses
❤️Supports a positive mood by helping manage feelings of stress + anxiousness
❤️Promotes feelings of confidence, courage and belief in oneself
6. Steady (Grounding) Blend has Amyris, Balsam Fir, Coriander, and Magnolia
Primary Benefits:
❤️Evokes a calm and balanced mood
❤️Promotes feelings of relaxation and calm
❤️Helps focus your mind on what's most important

Which blend would your child most benefit from?