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These services will help you learn to respond to life’s situations. From stress of daily life to trade-offs of parenthood, you’ll be able to explore lifestyle solutions that can be implemented to ease the load.


The JuGGLe Consultation

This consultation is to help you handle the stresses of modern life. If you are suffering from chronic stress, adrenal fatigue, or feel you are on the edge of either and want to de-stress, this consultation is for you.  We examine the choices, struggles and trade-offs of parenthood, the digital age, our smart phones, commuting, work, family time, home life and time for you!!  Almost everyone can relate to The JuGGLe, no matter what type of situation they are in. Stress is at times inevitable and we are all doing some sort of juggling act. The key is to learn to respond to life’s situations and not to overreact.  

The added bonus of a private consultation is you will have a personalized plan with recipes that includes lifestyle recommendations and supplementation protocol where applicable and I will address each person’s unique situation.   

This insightful and practical consultation & program will:

  • Discuss stress & adrenal fatigue;
  • Explain how they both affect us biochemically, physiologically & emotionally;
  • Educate you on how a diet of nutrient-dense foods is essential;
  • Examine how lifestyle changes play a significant role;
  • Demonstrate many easy & quick lifestyle solutions that can be done to help ease the load.
  • Explore which essential oils can have a profound effect for you.

The JuGGLe consultation is a one time session $110 + tax (1.5 -2 hour session)
Follow up $55 + tax (45 minute session)

Take rest; a field that has
rested gives a bountiful crop.
- Ovid (poet)