The Juggle Program

The JuGGLe! program is designed to reduce the negative biochemical & physiological effects of stress.  In mommy brain language, it’s a practical program for you, MAMA, to handle the stresses of everyday life! Cut through the bull sh@t. Keep the stuff that fills up your cup and serves you well… that brings you harmony and happiness.  


you'll feel...

Calm, balanced, nourished, supported and you'll GLOW!

Be a part of the JuGGle Program now for $119 (+ tax) 

Special pricing for Peppermint Drop Collective wholesale members.

Launching Spring 2019.

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my goal

The Juggle Program is specifically designed for women who are ready to dive deep and look within themselves to access what truly makes them STRESSED and what truly brings them COMFORT and PEACE.  

My goal is to help women feel completely supported and capable to take on whatever comes their way. Some stressors in life cannot be avoided, some jobs, tasks and commitments will always be there but after this program, you will have the tools, the knowledge and support from me and the Juggle family.  

If there is one thing I know for sure it’s that JUGGLING it all is one of the hardest things Mothers can do!


  • I’ll teach you why stress & adrenal fatigue are causing your mood swings, hormone issues, the muffintop that happened overnight, and the inevitable 3 pm crash every single day.

  • I will explain how they both affect us biochemically physiologically and emotionally;

  • I will educate you on how a diet of nutrient-dense foods is essential; I will give you recipes that are full of nutrient-dense food that your family will actually eat, while giving you all the energy you need to get through your busy day and balance your digestive woes

  • We will examine how lifestyle changes play a significant role; I’ll show you how to make simple changes in your busy day that take as little as 2 minutes that will skyrocket your health and reduce your stress by 50 per cent.

  • I will demonstrate many easy & quick lifestyle solutions that can be done to help ease the load.

  • You will learn how to use Essential Oils to help with your everyday life & elevate moods + how they are the missing link in our well-being.

The workbook is designed to be worked on over a 4 week schedule where you will be given objectives from week to week. You will also get a list of essential oils and products to best support you during this 4 week jounrey. You will be provided with an abundance of digestible and clear information and recipes to get you back on track or keep you on track.



A practical program to help you handle
the stresses of modern life.

Launching Spring 2019.

Be a part of the JuGGle Program now for $119 (+ tax)

Special pricing for Peppermint Drop Collective wholesale members.

What you get

Learn about stress & adrenal fatigue and how it's causing your mood swings, hormone issues and that 3pm crash every single day—we'll work together to combat this with easy and quick lifestyle solutions!

Learn all about diet and nutrient-dense foods with recipes that your family will actually eat! You'll feel vibrant and energized!

Explore the world of Essential Oils to elevate mood and cultivate well-being!

Need more?  Book a one-on-one session with me and we can dig deep together.  


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