Ooh la la program

A fitness, diet & support system + e-book to help mothers be the true health leaders in their family — one squat at a time.

This is much more than an e-book! 

This is a support group, a check-in place, it's a journey, it is a community, a SISTERHOOD. It is not a place where people allow you to hide, where people work in silos or where you’re told exactly what to do step-by-step because we know you are a whole, brilliant, capable woman who’s ready to unleash your greatness in the world. I am here to guide, teach and support you but you, MAMA, need and can do the work.



other than feeling like you have a plan and guidance, a cute butt, healthy, balanced, glowing, nourished and supported?

What's included

  • 5 Top Tips for Losing the “Baby Weight “ for new & old mamas alike & keeping up energy
  • Key Nutrients for New Moms + Mamas on the go!
  • How to help ward off ‘mommy brain’ & increase your child’s IQ (make little Albert Einstein) with good fats.
  • List of ideal & quick snacks and meals for breastfeeding &/or new moms.
  • 5 Day Meal Plan with recipes and shopping list
  • Top essential oils to support you mentally, emotionally and physically through this journey called...Motherhood.
  • Ideas on how to use other modalities like mediation and personal development to remove emotional blocks.
  • A quick and easy(strike through easy) do-able fitness routine for busy and exhausted mamas

5 Day Meal Plan with recipes and shopping list
A welcome email with monthly check in newsletters with nourishing and supporting information

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