about Essential Oils

Dreams come true; being the true health leader of your family is possible. 

This was the hardest section for me to write. It took me two months to do so compared to one evening for the other sections. I finally figured out why. It was hard to put into words how something, little dark amber bottles of liquid gold, have so profoundly impacted mine and family’s well being so greatly. In ALL.ASPECTS.OF.MY.LIFE.  I now have world-class tools to care for my kids on all levels; emotional, spiritual and physical.  The relationships I have established with like-minded women within the oil community and the personal up-levelling I have experienced has been bar-none. On top of it all I’m able to make a healthy living all while staying home with my children. 


my BIZ

After 5 years of seeing women and their families for nutrition, wellbeing and supplementation protocols, I felt it was time to add some more value into my consultations. I added the missing link...  Essential Oils. 

I have been building a community around my business for years now.

I become 100 per cent invested in a healthy outcome for my clients. When you help a woman and her family come from a dark or unhealthy place or even a place with a lot of questions like infertility, sadness, wacked out hormones, pregnancy nutrition, nutrients for super powered breast milk, first foods etc you name it, I’m in it, I’m with you.  Helping women and their families is my passion but I was finding, just like in my personal life, I needed another tool for my clients. 

A healthy wholesome diet is the foundation. There is no magic pill, essential oil or supplement that can impact you greatly if your diet is sh*t!

Being the true health leader of your family is possible.


Why I Decided to Bring Essential Oils Into Our Home + My Biz!


I have a congenital heart condition so I have always been very aware of my body and health. Some would call me a health rebel — “Nope, not me Doctor, I will not be on drugs or have a tin heart one day.” Even though I know this to be true to the very core of my being, sometimes I get spooked or life throws in a curve ball. In the summer of 2014, after not feeling well for a few days, I took myself to the ER and I had bacterial pneumonia, a little spot in the right lung… ?!?!. How the hell did that happen!?!? I bounced back pretty quickly but after 11 days on antibiotics, my youngest who was 5 months old and breastfeeding, was unable to poop properly for 3 months. I knew I was never going to let this happen again... to me or my kids. I did my research, listened to my gut and bought an oils kit and I never looked back!! So any sign I’m getting sick or anything lung related, out comes the oregano … It’s been four years now.



Basil oil for ear infections, a digestion blend for tummy troubles, calming blends for big emotions and a million more for different situations and ailments. I really don’t know where I would be without my essential oils. Do you know how many times a toddler can hit their head on the hardwood floor or how many monsters are under my 3 year olds bed (monster spray to the rescue)?

After seeing how the oils have benefited my whole family, close friends and clients, I wanted to pass this on to others {Sing about it on top of the mountains like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music}… Women and mothers the most of all (the leaders of the household)!!  All essential oils ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL!!  This is important to know.



What could be simpler than putting a few drops of citrus oil into a cold water diffuser and turning it on.  Just smelling the oils will change your mood, lower your cortisol levels and help you on an emotional level.

After trying to figure out what made these (essential oils) so special, I believe it’s this:
it gives us the power back. Gives us choice, a community and a sense of wonder and awe.  

We all need simple and effective “tools” for ourself and our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our families.


What are Essential Oils?


Essential Oils are the most potent part of plant.  

1 drop of peppermint = 28 cups of peppermint tea.

Essential Oils are the life force of the plants. They are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They can be both beautifully and powerfully fragrant.

The essential oils of plants protect the plant from outside forces. They can be  anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and so on.

Essential Oils work on many different pathways with the body, which is beneficial and nourishing to the body.  

Where, when and how the the plant is grown, harvested and processed into an oil is the MOST important factor in choosing which brand of oils to bring into your home.

The constituents and benefits of the plants depend on the above factors.

Mama nature is one SMART and AMAZING force. She has provided us with everything we will ever need.  When we utilize her gifts in a sustainable, loving and knowledgeable way we can all reap her benefits.


Mama nature is one SMART and AMAZING force.



Get started

Ready to get started on your essential oil journey?

One day in late August of 2014 I honoured what my "gut" was telling me to do and I dove in and bought my first oil kit. What happened next was magic. I knew these little gems were a game changer and I didn't want to keep them just for my family. If you are feeling the pull to start your oils journey, either bringing them into your home and/or starting a biz with them, I am here to answer any and all questions.  Send me a message and I would be honoured to speak with you.  

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