Day 7 & 8 ~ Birthday Month

Day 7 & 8 Although I am teaching health and have many programs on the go, I have come to a crossroads last month. I realized what I was actually being called to do, was to simplify. My soul was craving an even deeper connection to my boys, my husband and creating our dream lifestyle.  This month is all about that, as I work on my new programs and website and still teaching classes I am taking time for my men. 

My Challenge to you is -> Take time off and shut everything down and enjoy your HERE AND NOW.  What I know for sure is, there is no point of working your tail off for your dream life and missing most of it (your life) along the journey. 



Birthday Month - Day 4

Day 4 This is a much deeper topic then I am going to write about here but I have personally been on a journey for years and especially the past few months.  I was craving something, I needed something to changed, my biz and website needed a revamp (coming soon) and I needed more time with my family.  Just today JUST TODAY!!  Everything I have been seeking and trying to figured out has come to light.  It's not perfect or finalized but I now know exactly where I want to take my business + family life.  It feels so good to have a plan, to have an Oprah ahh haa moment. 

Your challenge today is this -> Write down what a day in your ideal life would look like in 2 years, how do you feel, where do you live, who is in your life?  If you send your thoughts and ideas into the universe and your subconscience, then your core desires will come to you.

Gabrielle Bernstein

Danielle LaPorte

Marie Forleo

Miss Day 3?


Back to School ~ How to keep your kids healthy!

Coming this September I have two compact, colourful and easy to follow e-books to get you and your kids eating better using the colours of the rainbow, along with packing unprocessed, vibrate and healthy lunches.  There are many fun charts, games and easy to follow cheat cheats to help make eating healthy, easy and yummy (and a family affair)!  There will also be supplement recommendations and even a handout about what essential oils help keep kids healthy for the school year.  Stay Tuned. Healthy guide to eat a rainbowThe Healthy Lunch box Guide

Till then I found this sweet guide and video from the CFFA : CHFA's back-to-school tips: Thrive in Five


Outdoor Kids: Herbal First Aid for the Summer from Aviva Romm

This is a must watch webinar from Aviva Romm if you have kids and you let them outside in the summer. Outdoor Kids: Herbal First Aid for the Summer, back by popular demand,is a 90-minute webinar covering common summer health issues for kids, and more! In addition to the above topics, you’ll also learn:

  • How to create a simple summer herbal first aid kit
  • When to use herbs and when to see the doctor

Click here to view and you can also download this chart.  Love it!!

Outdoor Herb Chart