My Hubby's Secret Coleslaw Recipe!!


Okay Okay its not a secret recipe and I have tweaked it a bit....but it is good!

This time last year my husband was having to lose some weight before a fun hernia surgery.  Not listening to me and or the list from the doc he really only ate vegetables and mainly cabbage and cauliflower.  Two good things happen, he lost the weight and felt better (he wasn't large at all) and my son fell in love with cabbage and cauliflower because daddy loved them.

Cabbage: A nutritious anti cancer cruciferous veggie, low in fat and can help reduce body fat levels.

Cauliflower: Studied for its cancer-preventing potential and antioxidant properties. It contains many nutrients, making it an excellent addition to any diet.  The fiber content is nearly 12 grams in every 100 calories, which helps clean your digestive system and gets rid of unnecessary substances.

So here is our take on Coleslaw!


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