The JuGGLe Program and why I think it's a Don't Miss Program.

As I write this my son is having a melt down, I can feel my body tensing up and the tears welling up.  I am pretty sure I have done something major wrong the past two years to cause this.  The past two weeks or more his sleeping patterns are alll over the place.  He goes to bed at night (gets up 2 to 100 times before passing out) and only sleeps 10 hours now.  His naps are a hour a day and he is fit to be tided by the end of the day.  I am not sure where we went wrong but he went from 11-12 + hours of sleep a night and 90 minutes to 2.5 hour naps to this.  The summer we have been out late and super busy having fun and I think I have relaxed a bit more and given in to more early morning cuddles in bed.  This all being said even though I want to pull my hair out and cry at the same time I have the tools to BREATHE and step back.

I have struggled with adrenal fatigue twice in my life and I refuse to let it happen again now that I am a mamma.  Even though I am beat and emotional I know I can get through this and relax, eat properly and ask for help (my husband is truly the best partner).  When I had adrenal fatigue the second time peeked on my wedding day, bubbly Kim was having a mental melt down, shortness of breath and no energy.  While holding my parents hands down the aisle I told my dad I can't feel my hands.  If I knew then and when it happen before in my early 20's what I know now, I would of never let it get that far. 

This is why The JuGGLe program was born, of course there are mild to serve cases of adrenal fatigue but there are many easy adaptable tools to be used to help get you back into tip top shape.  Eating right, supplements, lifestyle choices and much more.  If you are feeling the burn out please contact me about this program.  It is being held in person, I can do private sessions and I hope to get it online soon, but skype is the way to go now.  Here are some more details. 

A practical program to help you handle the stresses of modern life.

This insightful and practical program will;

  • Discuss stress & adrenal fatigue;
  • Explain how they both affect us biochemically physiologically & emotionally;  
  • Educate you on how a diet of nutrient dense foods is essential;
  • Examine how lifestyle changes play a significant role;
  • Demonstrate many easy & quick lifestyle solutions that can be done to help ease the load.  

 ~Over the 4 classes you will be given objectives for the next class to work on.   This course will provide you with an abundance of information and recipes to get you back on track.~